Do you offer a sub-affiliate program?

Portomaso Affiliate Program pays you 5% sub affiliate commission if you refer other webmasters. Contact your account manager on : if you are interested in this option.

Are there any set up fees to join the Portomaso Live Affiliate Programme?

Joining the Portomaso Affiliate Program is completely free of charge.

How do I join the Portomaso Affiliate Program?

As soon as you sign up and if your application has been accepted, you will also receive an email confirmation with your account details. You can then go to and log in with your username and password. Once logged in you can immediately start promoting our brands by choosing your preferred marketing material from the ‘Marketing Tools’ section. You can pick logo, different sizes and types of banners and landing pages. The affiliate program also provides you with a wide range of reports and statistics to track your progress.

What does it mean to become a Portomaso Affiliate?

All you need to do, to become PortomasoLive’s affiliate is to open an account with our affiliate program and create a link using one of our brands available marketing tools. You will then start making a profit from the activity of the customers referred to us from these links.

What is an affiliate program?

An Affiliate Program is a partnership between an operator/merchant and webmaster whereby the operator/merchant pays a percentage of revenues generated by customers introduced by the webmaster usually through banners or links placed on the webmaster’s website.


Reward plan details


How will I know how much commission I have earned?

In order to view how much commission you have earned, all you need to do is log into your account and view your commission amount from the homepage summary or else from our ‘Reports’ section.

How am I guaranteed payment for your banners/links on my website?

As soon as a customer clicks on your affiliate link , he/she is tracked effectively by us to your account.  From then onwards, any sort of activity generated by this customer will be recorded in your reporting, thus ensuring payment if the customer generates ‘Net Revenue’.

How long will I earn commission on a customer activity?

If you are set on a revenue share reward plan, you will receive lifetime commission on a customer’s activity in our casino. Once the referred customers are effectively tracked to your account, we will keep paying you for their losses anytime they play. If you are set on a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) reward plan, you will only receive a one-time payment if/when the customer fulfills the necessary activity targets required to trigger the payment.

Do you offer any other type of reward plans apart from revenue share?

Our preferred affiliate compensation method is lifetime revenue share, however there are few exceptional cases where we accept CPA (Cost per Acquisition) or Hybrid (combination of CPA + revenue share). Such special cases would need to be discussed with your account manager on :

How much commission will I earn?

Portomaso Affiliate Program offers very competitive and structured reward plan deals to maximize your earning potential. Upon sign up you will be assigned our standard revenue share reward plan of 25-40% revenue share (no negative carry over). Different deals are to be discussed with your account manager on :




Do you create/allow affiliate exclusive bonuses/promotions?

If you would like to offer an exclusive bonus or promotions to your referred customers, please contact your account manager on : to discuss the possibility and details of the promotion. Exclusive promotion approval is at the total discretion of Portomaso Live Affiliates and can be amended/cancelled at any given time with prior 48 hrs notice.

How will I be informed of any upcoming promotions for me as an affiliate or for my customers?

We send newsletters each time we have a new promotion for affiliates or players as well as any new game releases which you may want to promote. Apart from that all newsletters and articles are posted on the News section of the Portomaso Affiliates (make this hyperlink to the news section) which you can then use on your website or mailers to your customer database.




Is there any minimum threshold for payments to be released?

The minimum threshold for affiliate payment is 50 €. Any amounts below that are rolled over to the following months until the minimum threshold is achieved.

When are commissions paid out?

Affiliate commission payments are paid out between the 10th and 15th day of each calendar month.

Which are the payment methods currently offered?

Portomaso Affiliates currently offers the below payment methods for affiliates – Skrill and Bank transfer, please advise us which one would you prefer.

What are the available payment methods for affiliates?

Portomaso Affiliates currently offers the below payment methods for affiliates – Skrill and Bank transfer, please advise us which one would you prefer.


Reporting & Statistics


Where do I find statistics & reports?

The Portomaso Affiliate Program offers a wide variety of reporting. You can see an overview of your current statistics on your homepage as soon as you log in and you can also view more detailed reports in the ‘Reports’ section.

How often are my reports and statistics updated?

Reports and statistics are updated every 24 hrs.Therefore every day you will be able to see statistics up till the day before.




What do I need to do if I require further assistance?

Portomaso Affiliate Programme is run by dedicated and very knowledgable account managers which can be contacted via email on : or via skype on : portomasoaffiliates